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A/V Streaming

A complete solution for audio and video “On Demand”!

VBC Broadcasting provides:

  • Optimized Content Distribution
  • Efficient Content Management
  • Simplified Content Administration

  • Internet Radio
  • Audio/Video On Demand
  • Multi-Media Streaming
  • Podcasting & Remote Delivery
In today’s rapidly developing online economy the ability to provide customers, partners, and employees access to time sensitive and mission critical content is a vital component for success of any business. With the VBC Content Distribution Network and V-TV Network Platform we ensure the reliability and delivery speed of your online content, while eliminating the overhead of internal bandwidth and infrastructure requirements.
VBC Broadcasting combines storage, content delivery and content management tools into a solution that scales as your business grows. This enables you to support more site visitors, increase transactions and deliver an improved user experience to your audience. VBC provides guaranteed capacity and availability, and superior performance for on demand video applications.
VBC Content Distribution Network

Live broadcast and on-demand media is distributed globally over the VBC Content Distribution Network; the culmination of carrier partnerships providing efficient routing and optimal quality of service for a global audience, with internationally dispersed points of presence (POPs).
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The VBC Content Distribution Network was architected to do the "heavy lifting". In cases of unanticipated traffic spikes, VBC provides customers with virtually "unlimited" capacity and bandwidth on-demand to handle the extra load. VBC managed streaming solutions allow for you to focus on your core business, without the need to anticipate traffic spikes, audience size or geographic location of users.
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